Dave Krieger is a newspaperman with an eclectic (or, you know, weird, bizarre, inexplicable) resume. He started in news, then took a 30-year detour into sports. He started as a reporter, became a columnist and then, quite late in the afternoon, became an editor. Most of his writing resides in the morgues of the various papers he’s worked for, except for the remains of 27 years at the Rocky Mountain News, which no longer exists. Those clips are available through the Denver Public Library web site. During a brief interlude from January 2012, when he left the Denver Post, to June 2014, he worked in radio. His sports writing during that period emigrated from the radio station’s web site to this blog in order to preserve the archive. In November 2014, he was named editorial page editor of the Boulder Daily Camera in Boulder, Colorado.

You can find Dave on LinkedIn here, on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

2 responses to “About

  • Bill Roser

    Krieg – what’s up? Nothing more to say? We, your loyal minions, are waiting.

  • Douglas A. White

    KOA made a very dumb move changing the format to happy talk and occasional sports and news events. You and Logan were terrific together. In fact, the two best on the radio sports shows in our area…period. My wife and I enjoyed you two for a long time, and I’ve read your columns for years, even enjoying your comments on the “Dude” from time to time. Your eloquence with words, quick thoughts and reporters mind set were amazing, and folded in perfectly with Logan’s sports experience and very insightful opinions. I know, life will go on…but surely a lot more boring than when you were part of the team. We love Suzie, but you and Logan were the top of the mountain. Too bad KOA will learn that all too quickly… Good luck and God speed Dave Krieger.

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