A new canvas

Welcome to the new home of my writing. After 36 years in the newspaper business, I’ve finally joined the 21st century and gone electronic. Whether you followed my columns in the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post or you’re a new reader, please feel free to bookmark this page and check in for my latest posts.

I expect to encompass a variety of forms here — interviews, analysis, argument, news, notes and, with any luck, a little humor. Some of it is likely to build off interviews and conversations Dave Logan and I conduct on 850KOA’s afternoon drive show weekdays from 3-7 mountain time. If you’re not within range of the terrestrial signal, you can tune in through iHeart radio or stream us live on 850KOA.com.

At the bottom of each post you’ll find a comments link which will take you to the 850KOA Facebook page. Please feel free to offer your thoughts. I’ll be linking each post on Twitter (twitter.com/DaveKrieger), Google+ and my personal Facebook page. You can always reach me by email at DaveKrieger@850KOA.com as well.

Feedback is always welcome. And off we go . . .

Dave Krieger

About Dave Krieger

Dave Krieger is a recidivist newspaperman. View all posts by Dave Krieger

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