Open letter from Robert Regan

Robert A. Regan

June 2012

RE: Dave Logan

To Whom It May Concern:

For a relatively short period of time – from March 2010 to April 2011 – I was fortunate to serve as President of J.K. Mullen High School, a Christian Brothers school southwest of Denver. My wife and I developed a fond regard for the school and its wonderful community of students, faculty, coaches and families. In particular, we were especially attracted to the Lasallian culture and core values. The Mullen community is distinctly warm, welcoming, inclusive and diverse, and for this reason provides a critical choice for many families in the region. In addition to these core Lasallian values, the school has historically fostered a culture of high performance, although in recent years some of these standards were allowed to decline. But not its football program.

As President, I functioned as the chief executive officer of the school with responsibility for all aspects of the institution, especially board relations, strategy, financial management, fundraising and community relations. Among my direct reports was the school’s Principal, who had day to day responsibility for the academic and operational elements of the school, including the athletic program. Although I was not responsible for evaluating coaches, I took a keen interest in our athletic programs since they represent an essential part of the overall school experience and reputation.

From the outset, I was extremely impressed with Dave Logan and the school’s football program. Aside from the several state championships under Dave’s leadership, I was proud of the way Dave managed the program. From my perspective his team was disciplined, totally prepared, totally buttoned up at all times, supportive of each other, and behaved in a manner that brought pride and positive recognition to the school. In fact, I remember receiving an unsolicited letter from a team photographer saying that she had worked with many schools and colleges in Colorado, and the Mullen football team was the most gracious and respectful group of young athletes she had ever dealt with. This was clearly a tribute to the values instilled by Dave and his coaches. As an educator, it was also my distinct feeling that Dave Logan and his coaches took a holistic approach to their coaching responsibilities and focused thoughtfully on youth development, team work, school pride and classroom performance – and not just winning games. I also felt that Dave’s prestige in the Denver community was a powerful asset for the school. Dave himself was generous in offering his personal support and urged me to take greater advantage of the opportunity to engage him in promoting the school to the larger Denver community. And so I did. Dave joined me on two occasions to meet with the President of the Mullen Foundation and helped us secure the largest gift during my presidency – a pledge of $175,000.

Dave and I did not agree on all matters and on a few occasions had difficult conversations regarding school policy and disciplinary actions. But I never for a moment doubted his commitment to the school and its Lasallian values, or his respect for my leadership. He spoke his peace privately and articulately, and then moved on as a responsible member of the Mullen community. It saddens me to learn of the current accusations against the Mullen football program under Dave’s leadership. As President, I was not aware of any ethical breaches and truly believe that Dave is a person of great integrity, and a tremendous asset to any school. I know the families and players would agree with me.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can offer further clarification.


Bob Regan

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