As you may have gathered, the blog is on hiatus until further notice. Of my small cadre of loyal readers, a few will reply, “What do you call what it’s been on since the last post?”

Well, wise guys, that was more like suspended animation, waiting for the other shoe to drop. In the words of the Big Lebowski, there were a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous. In the end, KOA decided to go in a different direction with its afternoon drive programming and let me go.

My media credentials to all local teams, venues and universities are invalid because they all say I’m representing KOA. For now, at least, I no longer have access to players and coaches, which is pretty important to the reporting I’ve done on the blog.

I don’t have any idea what happens next. For the last decade or so, I’ve been employed by three organizations that had one thing in common — they were shrinking. Layoffs and rumors of layoffs; buyouts and rumors of buyouts; an incessant, relentless emphasis on cutting, cutting, cutting.

I’d like to find a way to get on the other side of this curve if I can, to find an organization that’s growing and ambitious and trying to do more, not less. Maybe that’s in the media and maybe it’s not. It may be a pipe dream but there’s only one way to find out.

My plan is to let things shake out a bit, let it be known that a (ahem) veteran free agent is available and, you know, see what happens. My preference is to stay in Colorado, but my first priority is finding something inspiring to do with myself. If that turns out to require relocation, then that’s what’ll happen.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the always spectacular Colorado summer and take my time. I don’t want to rush into the wrong thing. For example, I already have an offer to become an insurance salesman. All respect to Needlenose Ned Ryerson, probably not going to do that.

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49 responses to “Hiatus

  • david wilt

    i am VERY disappointed that you’re not on the Dave Logan show anymore. Absolutely loved the show and love your personality and insight! Keep us posted on what you end up doing next!

  • NiwotJ

    Saddened to hear that you no longer will be doing the Dave Logan Show. I love your dry sense of humor and your intelligent (and humorous) insights and comments about Colorado sports and other matters. I thought your interplay with Logan was great and I imagine he’ll miss that. Logan is great, but one of the attractions for me was the banter between the two of you. So there is no question that I will not be listening as often. Good luck.

  • Charles Culp

    What the HELL is Denver going to do without you Dave????????????
    I already yelled at KOA but probably to no avail.
    BEST OF LUCK and hope you find something that keeps you involved in Denver Sports.

  • ReaAnn

    I’m so pissed at KOA right now I have no desire to listen to them ever again. I LOVED you and Logan’s show. I learned SO much from you guys and literally looked forward to 3:00 every weekday. This one “leaves a mark” as they say. I, too, have registered my EXTREME displeasure with the powers that be at the Big Blowtorch, little good that it will undoubtedly do. All I can say is good luck, Dave. And I hope you can stay here in Colorado. Please keep all of your fans up to speed on your new landing spot.

  • Gary Poole

    Hang in there Dave. Wish you all the best.

  • Peter

    Darn, will miss your insight both here and on the airwaves. I’ll bet your periodic conversations with George Karl can continue without silly media credentials. Best of luck with wherever you land next.

  • Julie Ouska

    Very disappointed in KOA’s new moves. Just not my cup of tea. I have really enjoyed both you and Dave L together and your rational perspective on sports. I also enjoyed that you and I grew up in Chicago around the same time and remember the same Cubs players. Fergie Jenkins will always be one of my heroes. Wish you the best wherever you land, but do hope it is in Denver.

  • Monica Lenahan

    Let me echo other’s comments, hugely disappointed with this turn of events. I gained so much insight from you that I actually sounded smart sports-wise to others! Also enjoyed the many many LOL moments with you and Dave L., in particular the music conversations..have a similar musical taste, so always appreciated the comments. Hang in there, have you thought of on-line only opportunities? Stay in Denver, Godspeed to you.

  • John Records

    You’re going to be missed by a LOT of (previously) loyal listeners, Dave. I hope you are able to stay in the Denver market so we can listen to/watch/read you on a regular basis. You and Logan raised the bar for sports radio in Denver. All the best to you.

  • Steve Navarre

    Agaii, will miss you and Logan’s rapport and insight. But, and maybe this is selfish? Naw. I have already NOT been missing sitting through the freaking right wing politcal and fracking ads and the like waiting for the show to resume. Yeah, well, you know, that’s, like, my opinion, man. Good riddance to them and good luck to you!

  • Stephanie Hardi

    Keep us posted on where you land, Dave. I’m very disappointed and wish you the best of luck– hope you can stay in Denver.

  • Brian Campbell

    Best of luck, Krieg. Excited for you in your next chapter.

  • Adam

    KOA’s new programming realy sucks. It’s not even a little bit entertaining. It’s been so bad in fact I find myself turning off the radio. Know that you will be sorely missed.

  • John

    Who is running KOA! What a mistake. You made the show better. Sorry to see you go. I hope you land on your feet hanging on a star.

  • Denesio Gonzales

    Damn Dave, now what. I loved your column(s), and loved you on the radio too! KOA has lost a loyal, loyal fan! Please keep us posted on your next adventure. I’ll be there in your. Next chapter!

  • Tim

    Dave – You did a GREAT job on KOA, and their decision to cut you loose is about the dumbest thing ever. I know I no longer have any reason to listen to that station. All the best – hope you find what you’re looking for…

  • Jeff from Colorado Springs

    Sorry to hear this news, Krieger. I really enjoyed the show and will miss calling in and hassling you. Best of luck!

  • Kathryn Flueck

    Dave, I have been sending nastygrams to KOA and emails of support to you (at the KOA address, which is the only one I know, so you probably didn’t get it) and Dave Logan. Your show was the best ever offered in the Denver area. We were privileged and honored to have a Mike & Mike, only better, with Dave & Dave. You are the (very) rare writer who can also talk, and the information and insights and humor you provided were outstanding. I’m done with KOA, with the exception of Dave Logan’s broadcasts of the Broncos’ games and the occasional Rockies broadcast if I happen to know it’s on. Please find your landing in Denver, let us know where to read your articles and listen to you again, and give yourself a pat on the back for not fitting in with the KOA Limbaugh/Rosen storyline. At least I no longer have to suffer through the Four Pinocchios ads (Washington Post ratings).

  • Sarah

    Dave, I have really enjoyed reading and listening to you and was so very disappointed that KOA “let you go”. There is an market for rational, level headed, yet passionate, sports reporting; commentary that requires stringing more than 4 words together and occasionally using vocabulary that challenges the audience. I sincerely hope you find it here in Colorado or somewhere we can all continue to enjoy your work. All the very best to you and your family for whatever comes next.

  • Aaron

    I live in the Springs and felt like Dave and Dave were the only local sports show worth listening to. They provided unique access and insight into the Colorado Sports Scene and allowed a break from the typical AM fodder that blasts the rest of the day. Besides Broncos and Rockies games, they were the only KOA programming I tuned in for. Won’t be tuning in again because the last thing I need is another news program rehashing the news again and again. Disappointed with the change of direction.

  • Jim Stamp

    What I will miss are the “haphazardly timed posts” on this site. Even though not as frequent as I would like, these musings were still the best sportwriitng this town has seen since Dick Connor (and maybe ever). You will be sorely missed.

  • K Alfonso

    I am very sorry to be losing the best drive home show around. We have exchanged emails (I am the former Air Force pilot who called in to talk about realizing life long dreams) and you have always been so gracious to fans and I always enjoyed when you would get exacerbated either by callers or your partner in crime, Dave Logan. The new format is awful…not because I agree with others about the other programming during the day…it just does not have the “je ne sais quois” that I loved about Dave and Dave. I think maybe you both became like family…we celebrated Bronco and Avs miracles, mourned and lamented awful losses that still hurt, and commiserated over another disappointing Rockies season. It seemed that you both could capture what my real family felt when trying to escape the realities of the “real world” and the “real news.” I don’t need more “news” in my life…I need chances to decompress and think about things less serious and have a laugh while I ponder things like humidors and hard counts, top down days and what happens to a guy who still hopes the Cubbies can win the big one. You both gave me those moments of chuckles while stuck in traffic, brought tears on the occasion when this Bronco fan had to once again wonder what happened to our season, but above all, you always entertained me (except when talk turned to the NBA) and for that, I thank you. I wish you well and hope that Colorado does not lose your insight and humor.

  • CT

    I’m really disappointed with the programming changes KOA has made in the last several months. Moving Rosen to the afternoon was bad enough, but letting you go–that’s unconscionable! I enjoyed your humor and command of the English language. What other sports guy can do that? You and Dave played off each other very well. More news; who needs it? Does a lengthy discussion about Melanie Griffith’s obliteration of her Antonio tattoo now constitute “news”? That was one of today’s topics. Pure blather!

  • Sheila Murphy

    So very disappointed for your fans Dave, I echo all the comments here as I have been a fan for a longtime, loved your writing for the Rocky & was happy you were at the Post for awhile but very happy when you joined Dave. You two made the drive home in traffic entertaining with your obvious rapport, fits of laughter and when needed serious discussion. I hope you remain in Colorado too, we need your insightful views on sports and the topics of interest to us all. I tried to listen to the new format but I pity Logan, you can tell he hates this and it is truly awful, the last thing you want is yet another rehash of the news! I wish you all the best, enjoy your summer, keep your fans updated.

  • Karl Yambert

    Dave: Part of the hurt for you is probably already knowing everything I’m about to say: yours (the “Dave Logan Show”) was an intelligent, entertaining, insightful sports-talk show (that didn’t always stick strictly to sports), that far surpassed anything in competition. I’ve never listened to any other show on radio where I was more delighted to tune in, and I often reminded myself (truly) how lucky I was to have found your show.

    I hate call-in shows, by the way, except yours. You always handled caller comments and questions briefly, but with respect and with valuable information in reply.

    I typically listened in while running afternoon errands in my car and would drive deliberately slow and out of my way (and probably with my left blinker on) in order to prolong my listening time between stops. No one at KOA cares what I think, and I am senior to their targeted demographic anyway, I suppose. But they’ve lost me as a listener forever, not out of spite but because they’ve removed the one show of theirs I really looked forward to listening to. It’s gone, and so am I, and, most unfortunately, so are you.

    I sincerely wish you all the best in whatever turns up next for you, wherever that might be. Thanks for the time we had, Dave.

    Karl Yambert

  • Bill

    I come back from vacation and heard you are no longer on the radio, I listened to the two Daves every day and thought you guys were great. We have two things in common, working for companies going in a new direction and frustrated Cub fans. Best of luck.

  • Gary Lockhart

    Greg Foster continues to wield the fecal touch and demonstrate that “The Peter Principle” is alive and thriving amongst the suits at KOA. Either he is really Robin Bertolucci in drag or Ryan Clement has surfaced as program director at KOA.

    Krieger is a rare talent in this town, particularly in journalism. As The Compost hovers just above the dung heap of newspaper history, it was refreshing to be able to tune in in the afternoons and get the same perspective and insight that Krieger used to write in the papers. The Dave and Dave show was something to look forward to in the afternoon and it also kindled hope that Tom Green would be a regular fall substitute on the radio when Logan was coaching football. Now we’re stuck with Colorado’s Morning Entertainment – aka Tubbs and Zesbaugh – in the afternoon. No thanks.

    There’s only so many garage door and gutter spots that can be broadcast but here’s hoping that either Foster realizes he’s made yet another stupid decision or another station realizes that Krieger would make a great addition to their lineup. With Rick Reilly recently pulling the plug and retiring, Krieger can skillfully fill a void in either print or broadcast media. It would be a wise move for The Fan to team him with Sandy Clough and dump Williams and D-Mac.

    Good luck, Dave and thanks for answering all my sarcastic emails over the years.

  • ldm357

    Mr. Krieger, I’ve enjoyed your work for more years than either of us would believe and am sorry to see KOA screw up yet again. I’d really like to see you at Grantland on the ESPN site, so a national audience could enjoy what we in Colorado have for years.

    Best of luck to you and thanks!

  • Kevin O'Brien

    Dave, I truly miss you and The Dave Logan Show. I drive between Denver and Kansas City Monday thru Friday, and always looked forward to the start of the show. You and Dave logan were great together, and the great sports knowledge, insights of both of you, with some great humor mixed in, really made the miles fly by for me. I personally want to thank you for teaching me so much about Baseball. I was the typical Denverite, who grew up with The Broncos, and didn’t know beans about Baseball. Now I listen to Rockies games and fully understand the game and strategies that go into it.

    I think the new Program Director at KOA is trying to make a ‘Name for himself’, and has failed miserably. He needs a good old fashioned Roy D. Mercer ‘Ass Whooping’. Dave Logan and Susie Wargin talking about celebrity tattoo removal! Helloooo, McFly, is anyone home!!

    I wish you only the best, Dave, and hope to hear you on the air or read you, in Denver again soon.

    Kevin O’Brien
    Bailey, CO

  • Wendy DeWitt (@WendyDeWitt1)

    Wow Dave, I was hoping you were just on vacation! After not hearing you on air for a few days, I finally had to “Google” it, and alas, found out that you won’t be back on KOA. I am beyond disappointed – the LAST thing we need is more news! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

    Wendy DeWitt
    Arvada, CO

  • Lisa Strainic-Dykes

    Like Wendy DeWitt, I was hoping you were on vacation! I love listening to you and Dave Logan on my was home from work. Laughed a lot as I’m sure others did as well. Never called in but I had now.. Your brand of humor with Dave will be missed. Sad to see you go.

  • telebabe

    Home from vacation, thinking you’re on vacation, I hold steadfast, denying for a few days of intermittent listening that you’re gone from the airwaves. By last Friday, I succumbed to the truth and only today–now–found your blog and read your listeners’ posts of facts and feelings that we all share. I won’t reiterate but will say you helped make The Dave Logan Show (The Double Ds!) music to our ears (especially my baseball ears–I don’t “do” football)!
    The very best to you and hope you stay in Colorado. Will miss your broadcast very much. A fellow-ette Chicagoan and avid Rox fan for years,
    Marilyn C.
    Wheat Ridge, CO

  • rita foster

    Hi Dave, I was a loyal female listener to sports talk every day when you were on the afternoon show for KOA. I was not impressed with Lois and not impressed with Susie. You were the best sidekick for Dave L and many times so much better than him. I no longer listen to KOA but have tuned in ESPN FM instead. Dave Logan does not have enough to keep me tuned in w/o you. Sorry for KOA’s loss. What a mistake on their part. I wish you the best and truly enjoyed listening to you every day.

  • Charley from Niwot

    It’s a crying shame that the Dave Logan show was stopped. The nuanced and sophisticated sports commentary on their show was some of the best I’ve heard as I traveled around the country. I particularly liked interviews with other sports personalities and reporters and Dave and Dave’s calm and insightful questioning.

    Krieger you were especially thoughtful with your observations about the sports world. You really drew me in with your pondering about what coaches and players will do to affect future outcomes. It helped us get into the intellectual side of sports.

    I don’t tune into KOA much anymore. Hope to find you on the radio dial somewhere else. I’ll stay tuned. Thanks for your three years of quality entertainment.

  • Jim

    Really! Man! I turn 65 next month and live in the Springs and work in Littleton. The only way I kept my sanity for the last year on the way home was listening to you guys faithfully. Very informative and entertaining, the best!!! Humor and insight, the right combo.. You and Dave are a great team!!! Best wishes to you both. And Thanks! If in the Springs be happy to chat!!! I think I should retire now, listening to the FAN will, never mind I won’t listen or to KOA any longer! Thanks again!

  • Laurie

    To say this decision by KOA sucks is an understatement. I listened to you and Dave every day. Of all of Dave’s partners, you were the best. Whatever they are doing now is kind of worthless and I am searching for something else to listen to. I wish you well and hope you land in a creative and fun place. I really hope you can continue writing a column or a blog. Good luck Dave.

  • Susan

    To say that KOA has made some really, really stupid programming decisions lately is a gross understatement. You and Dave Logan were the best team yet. I hope someone in management reads these comments. The number of listeners in the afternoon is sure to decline. All the best to you.

  • Al Trujillo

    I’m late to the party (just now discovering you aren’t with KOA) and I share the sentiments of the previous posters. Disappointing! Besides your wonderful sense of humor, I’ll miss your incredible knowledge of the English language and your ability to use it to stop us in our tracks and ask, “what the heck did he just say”? I will miss that and wish you the best.

  • Aynie


    I just cannot believe this has happened it’s rather unfortunate that we as a community of listeners were not given the opportunity to voice how much we love listening to you on the radio. You are incredibly insightful with your wealth of knowledge. I enjoyed listening every day. I no longer have a desire to turn KOA on during my ride home from work. I hope that you will soon be back, your voice should not be silenced. I am certain that if this is something you want continue you’ll find a new place. I hope one day I’ll see you out on the bike trails. Take care & please keep us all posted.

  • Lee Ann Marshall

    KOA has lost another listener. I used to listen to you and Dave Logan every afternoon on my way home from work. Nothing personal against Susie, but this is not going to work. I hope that you will find your way to another radio station. Thanks for all the memories!!

  • Sandy L.

    I’m sorry you were let go at KOA. I always enjoyed listening to you and Dave Logan. Your insight and wit were worth tuning in for. I wish you the very best in the future and like others here, hope you land in Denver.

  • Jennifer Rhea

    I too am late to the party, I started listening to you guys two years ago when I started commuting to Aurora from Littleton- the drive home is an hour or more and brutal at times, but I always had the Dave Logan show on and Dave K is my favorite! You are so funny, and I loved your voice! 🙂
    The afternoons are dreadful now Best of luck and will miss you.

  • Dan Barber

    Like everyone else who has posted here I’m quite saddened by this news. Like several have mentioned I’ve been enjoying your insights for a long time now, beginning when you started writing for the Rocky. I’ve written a couple of times when columns particularly moved me and I’ll never forget the work you did on the gang problems in Denver in the aftermath of the Darrent Williams shooting. I hope you land here in Denver, but regardless I hope you find a way to continue to provide your insights, you’re a talented reporter. Thanks for all you’ve done so far Dave, and here’s to more in the future.

  • Susan Durst

    I, too, came back from vacation and thought you were on vacation as well. No problem, I will tune back in a few days later. Later…you are still not on in the afternoon. Something about Susie’s voice is difficult to listen to; I no longer listen to 850 on my drive home. Best of luck,

  • tschrister

    So bummed about this. You’ve got another disappointed fan here, Dave.

    I have literally listened to Dave Logan consistantly in the afternoon for 2/3 of my life (since the mid 90’s). The Sports Zoo was the best, and the Dave and Dave show was the only thing that has come close since. Colorado’s Afternoon News is a joke, and totally unnecessary. Steffan and April do their thing well in the AM, and nobody needs an uninspired re-hash in the afternoon. What we used to get was premium entertainment and comedy while unwinding on “the ride home,” but now it’s not worth tuning in.

    Nothing against Susie, but I want to throw my hat in there with the many many others who think the recent change was dumb move and a mistake. It’s a shame, but I’ll be tuning in elsewhere—even after 20 years of loyalty.

  • Bill Napier

    What was KOA thinking? Dave & Dave was easily the best sports show in town. Poor Logan, having to fake enthusiasm for a lame drive home news show. As if three hours of Tubbs and April in the morning wasn’t bad enough. Now this rubbish!!?? I’m occasionally drawn to conspiracy theory. . . . did this change have anything to do with the pervasive Rush-Rosen ethos that fouls 850’s air time like a road kill skunk? I spend six hours a day on I-25 and keep my dial on KOA for traffic and weather reports. I’m giving up “The Blowtorch” and from now on will listen to books on tape or NPR. The two Daves were the only class act on Your vapid, hysterically RIGHT ranting station. Why not just go all Limbaugh all the time? 24-7 with Mr. “talent on loan from GOD” You had real talent in Krieger, but you blew it. Hope Dave is able to stay in the area.

  • Anne

    Listening to the Dave Logan Show every afternoon made the now-ridiculous Denver traffic manageable every day! Away out of town a few days and the whole format has changed. I for one am very disappointed that KOA has made this decision. Listening to the two of you, your funny bantering, and insightful, informed comments plus incredible insights into Denver sports was not to be missed. I am disappointed and wish Krieger all the very best!!

  • john costigan, Centennial

    I’m late to the party too and just saw what happened your show. I really enjoyed you & Logan and thought between the 2 of you, asked the BEST questions and you really complimented each other. Your newspaper column was very good also. hopefully you can find something in this area where we can read/hear you again.

  • Clifton Neeley

    Hi Dave,
    I too miss your intellect and wit. Hope you find what you are looking for. I am still doing my thing and writing about it on dailybaseballdata.com – a website that is baseball oriented.
    Let me know how it goes and if there is anything I can do.

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